This is NOT the website I ever imagined myself creating.

I had existing domains to monetize, new products to develop, and other niches to explore. Outsourcing to me was just a means to an end and not a topic of its own that I ever saw myself being part of.

As I become more involved in trying to outsource my online business, I realized that I could not find the exact type of website that I wanted to help me with the outsource process.

I wanted a site which would compare the “it’s so easy” of the sales pages with the reality of making it work. A site that would would provide frequently updated links to genuinely useful resources, and a forum for other online marketers to discuss their own outsourcing successes and failures.

I created OutsourceToolbox.com to be the site I wished was already out there.

There are no claims to have all the answers here, just an honest recounting of my own experiences and observations as I find, hire, manage and train my own Virtual Assistants. I will tell you what worked, what didn’t and why.

Please feel free to contribute your own experiences and questions, and together we will all become better outsourcers.

Michael G.
Nashville, TN

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